Welcome, Adventurer, to the Dragon’s Breath Saga!

The Dwarves and Elves spent 7 years fracturing the landscape of Mesathone with might and magic. And 100 years later their sweat and blood still stain the streets of Vigh Furum and Relea Tressen. The spirits of those lost to the war can be heard rustling through the halls of Aeseana Asari and Nan Lodar. The Ruins of Van Besher still whisper a Dwarven battle hymn to those who listen. The fog of war is still dissipating.

It is the year 761 in Mesathone. The people of the world have come together in the city of Baalgaad to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the end of what is now known as the Dwarven War. King Tyus Vanguard I will forever be praised for his diplomatic efforts in bringing the bloody war to a halt. But he is gone now, and has been for some 30 years. From a throne in Baalgaad, his son King Tyus Vanguard II, seeks to create a lasting legacy of his own. For the last 14 years Vanguard II has been funding expeditions to the lands west of Mesathone, over the Roeling Sea. Not only will it spread the physical reach of his Kingdom and open avenues for the procurement new wealth, it will continue to help nurture the relationship between the races of Mesathone and tie his legacy to that of his revered father’s.

This westward expansion is not without challenges, however. Crossing the Roeling Sea is an arduous task and upon arrival in the new world one must become accustomed to the perils of living life in a largely uncharted land. These unique obstacles, paired with a shrinking Royal Army in Mesathone, have created a short supply of willing participants in the settling of the New World. To combat this, King Tyus Vanguard II sent word throughout the land that willing and able souls should arrive in Baalgaad for deployment to the New World, assuring compensation. Many, if not all of those who have volunteered, are untrained in martial combat and even fewer have a serious understanding of the powers of magic. These are the adventurer types of the Olde World, those driven to wanderlust and exploration by their curiosity, their greed, or their thirst for glory.

You are one of these adventurers. Your spirit has led you here, to the gates of Baalgaad in search of something. Will you find it? Will the bards Elmin-Styr fill the air with songs of your endeavors? Will you be immortalized in the hearts and minds of your posterity? Or will the twisting path to immortality swallow you up? The world is at your fingertips. Stake your claim to glory in Dragon’s Breath Saga.

Dragon's Breath Saga: A New World

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