The Age of War

It started in the middle of the night. Hundreds of Orc, goblin, and tainted elves attacked Lysestra’s Vale and the Age of War began. The humans fought the invading monsters from the north with courage and wisdom and eventually defeated them, but not before their distraction proved useful to the elven leaders in Relea Tressen.

A fanatic few in the High Elven Council, calling themselves “The Vine”, felt the balance of political power in the region slipping into the hands of the Dwarves, who had recently joined the fight with their human neighbors in Baalgaad and Lysestra’s Vale.

The Vine infiltrated the palaces of Van Besher and assassinated the Dwarven King Duhlik Forgesword. What followed was a bloody 17 year war between the Elves and Dwarves.

For years the humans chose not to intervene. They were starting over and a suffering from war fatigue and the loss of many fathers, many husbands, and many sons.

Upon taking the throne, King Tyus Vanguard I began working on the war brewing just over his shoulder to the Northeast. His charisma, his persistence, his courage and his wisdom all played roles in bringing what is now called “The Dwarven War” and the Age of War to an end.

The Age of War

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